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Rural Community Development Council (RCDC)

We are a community cum development organization. We believe in volunteerism and are proud to have a everlasting ownership of our program from the people, we are working for and with. We have been striving for a conducive social and political environment where the disadvantaged and marginalized communitties have equal opportunites to in all departments of society. Despite having a particular brand of activities, RCDC Gwader adopts a vibrant and expanded range of programmes and actions with its primary focus on educational advancement of the area.

RCD council Gwader is one of the earliest organization in the province, registered to the social welfare department Balochistan under social welfare act 1961, in 1971. It bares the registration No DSW/03.


Gwader is the proud birth place of one of the oldest social sector organizations in Balochistan, namely "ANJUMAN ASLAH – E – BALOCHAN" established by Karim Baksh Seedi, back in 1930s. The Anjuman worked for the promotion of education and to provide healthy recreation to the people of Gwader with a special focus on youth. The Anjuman ran a library and adult literary center, held theater shows and organized footbal tournaments. In 1958, Gwader became a part of Pakistan. Karim baksh Saeedi, the founder of Anjuman migrated to Iran but the remainig leadership of the Anjuman continued their social and eductional strive and supported the new administration to improve the life standards in Gwader. The same cadre established Gwader Club and Library with the support of municipal administration, In 1961. The club and library soon became a hub of social, cultural and literary activities in the town. in 1971, Gwader Club and library was registered with Balochistan social welfare department as a rural development council and named Rural Development Council Gwader.


To promote gender equality, socail justice, democracy and tolerance through positive thinking and proactivism in the coastal communitties of Makran.

Mission Statement

To advance awareness, education and improved statandard of life in the coastal communities by invigorating them to lend input for sustainable development and socail change.

Goals and Objectives

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