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Our Work

1. Research and Advocacy
2. Capacity Building
3. Educational Innovation
4. Emergency response & Preparedness
5. Women Empowerment
6. Arts & Recreation

Research and Advocacy

We believe that the development means the development of people and the participation of communities in the planning and implementation phases of any kind of development scheme or program is the only key of it sustainability. Therefore we have been advocating for the effective participation of community in all aspects of policy and decision making. In this account RCDC Gwader has played a vital role in organizing the fishermen to voice against the discriminative laws and devastating policies of the Balochistan Fisheries Department. RCDC Gwader was also instrumental in the cancelation of infamous Forbes agreement, an agreement to lease out the fishing rights at Balochistan coast to an international company by federal government in 1997. We have also been campaigning against and challenging the proposed displacement of the population of Gwader as per Gwader master plan. The theater group of RCDC has been a key element of our all advocacy campaigns.

RCDC Gwader has conducted a number of researches on a variety of topics and issues: The demographic change and their affects on the local communities, impacts of local government system on the coastal communities especially on women, role of women councilors in the LG system in district Gwader, existing condition of basic health and education institutions and the employment trends and opportunities are the titles of some of our recent action researches.

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Capacity Building

Building the social and intellectual capacity and the employability of the coastal communities with special focus on youth is one of the major objectives of RCDC Gwader. The council has provided very important working experience and skills to hundreds of youth in various walks of life over the years. We established adult literacy centers for men and women respectively in the decades of 1960 and 1970. In order to prepare the youth to meet the challenges of modern time, RCDC Gwader established a community computer institute: every second local female or male working in a public or private office has once been a trainee at the center. In order to bring the local youth on an equal competitive ground with those on other parts of country, RCDC Gwader under auspicious English Access micro scholarship program built strengthen the linguistic skills of underprivileged students. We have also provided much needed professional trainings to a score of male and female teachers, health workers, traditional birth attendants and community activists.

RCDC Gwader has also strengthened the collective capacity of hundreds of coastal and inland village communities by motivating and organizing them; thus enabling them to represent their villages at district level and raise voice for their rights. We have also worked with humanitarian organizations to prepare the communities for natural disasters; awareness sessions, trainings and drills have been conducted in all coastal towns and villages of the district.

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Educational Innovations

A number programs, projects and activities ranging from teachers' on job and pre job trainings, qualification improvement of teachers, literacy centers for young and adult women and men, building English language competency of government schools' teachers and students and awareness raising walks, seminars, debates and theatre specially about girls' education to establishment of more than two hundred girls primary schools in Makran division, first community computer center, the only public library in the district, a low cost community supported quality higher secondary school at it's premises and preparation of students and youth scholarships for higher education and career counseling, RCDC Gwader has been trying to provide every chance and avail each opportunity to improve the accessibility and quality of education. We have a long list of such innovation and are proud to have support and ownership of people in each intervention. The greatest of all the successes in this line is that during 1973 to 1980, the then office bearers of RCDC Gwader worked hard went door to door to convince the people specially the marginalized fishermen communities to send their girls to the school. And after three decades the girls are out numbering the boys in new admissions and positions.

We are also proud for the selection of Zainab Faisal for a three month summer camp in USA who was selected for the camp after a tough competition on country level. Zainab is the first girl student of secondary school of Gwader to visit USA. She was the top oppositionist in English Access micro scholarship program organized by RCDC Gwader.

Mariyam Suleman is another girl, who has been selected among the students of Baluchistan for one year study program in USA under Youth Exchange Program. She was also an oppositionist in English Access micro scholarship program organized by RCDC Gwader.

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Emergency Response & Preparedness

District Gwader is one of the most vulnerable areas of Pakistan in term of natural disasters such as floods, earth quake, tsunami and cyclone. RCDC Gwader has developed an emergencies team with the local volunteers' to provide relief to the general of District Gwader.

RCDC has proved its efficiency during the massive flooding caused by heavy in Suntsar area of the district in March 1998. RCDC campaigned for public support for the victims of the flood and was able provide food item and shelters to two hundred families with the generous support of local people and some donations from Gulf.

In 2005, torrential rains caused major floods in the river basins of Dasht and Shadi Kaur as well as Kulanch area in district Gwader and damaged the infrastructure, houses and bandaths in the rural areas. With the support of Oxfam GB RCDC helped the vulnerable and poor communities of UC Suntsar, UC Naliant and UC Pasni with food and non food items and health and hygiene kits and campaign. We also contributed in the rehabilitation of destroyed water resources in the affected areas.

Evacuation is a primary preventive measure to be taken before a disaster hit a certain place. Keeping this in view RCDC once again prove its existence when the news of cyclone Gono hitting Gwader aired by met department in 2007. We with the help of volunteers and activists and in collaboration with the district government informed the populace of the town in a short notice of two hours and helped them evacuate to the safe places. All was done at mid night. After the cyclone Gono we helped the government and the Balochisatn Fisheries Department to collect the detail of losses property caused by the disaster.

Cyclone Phet alonge with heavy rainfall hit District Gwader in June 2010.which caused a massive destruction at sea shore damaging boats and launches , houses and infrastructure .RCDC team responded quickly to help the community. We played cataloging role in establishing a Gwader disaster response forum to coordinate with local government and international humanitarian organization. We assisted the affected communities for evocation and provide financial assistance to 128 families for building theirs boundary walls and houses.

We are working in close collaboration with DUNDP (CPRU) ONE DRM program, PDMA and district administration to increase the preparedness level of the coastal communities in case of any natural disaster. Evacuation drills, search & rescue trainings and drills, awareness sessions in academic institutes, strengthening early Tsunami warning system and community base volunteers' trainings are some features of our activities in this regard.

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Women Empowerment

Women are the most vulnerable part of society in Pakistan. They have no idea about their rights and duties, even the local customs, norms and country law are enable to prohibit the women exploitation in Pakistan especially in the rural areas of the country. So keeping this in view RCDC Gwader works for women empowerments in the sector of education, health/ reproductive health, enterprise development, legal awareness/ assistance and peace and social harmony. RCDC motivated, identified and trained hundreds of female teacher in Makran division during 1995 and 2000, when there was no concept to educate the weaker segments of society in Makran. We established women embroidery centers in Gwader on 1972 to empower poor local women's to generate income for their families. We have extensively worked to provide a decent chance to women to participate in the LG polls in 2000 and 2004.As a result of this campaign Gwader was among the district where women candidates competed for all the women specified seats as well as for a few general seats. We have also been advocating for decent employment for working women in fish processing units. It was the result of RCDC's campaign that a fish processing unit hired again eleven female workers who were fired by the factory with out any reason or compensation.

RCDC Gwader has also provided space and opportunity to women to play their role in the field of their choice in its work. RCDC Gwader has been a producing unit of women volunteers and professionals over the years. We are proud to be the first organization employing local women professional who worked to promote girls education in all parts of Makran division.

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Arts & Recreation

RCDC Gwader has been a center for debates, discussions, right base campaigns, formal and informal education and many other programs to boost the intellectual level of local people for last almost five decades in district Gwader. Besides focusing on the intellectual and mental growth of the communities and its members RCDC Gwader also provided the youth and others with sports and recreation activities. The indoor and out door games as well as theatre, music, literature and painting are also the area of our work to provide the youth with chances to be engage in the fields of their interest. We have been organizing competition, exhibitions, Mushahiras, games tournaments and lucky draws. For women and children special fairs, shopping festivals and Meena bazaar have also been arranged.

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